You can find my writing online and on newsstands.

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Once in a while my stories are picked up by outlets like Longreads, Next Draft, the Morning News, and radio stations.


When I'm not writing, I curate true stories.


You can hear my audio stories on public radio shows and podcasts.

99% Invisible

99% Invisible. “Tunnel 57.”

KCRW's UnFictional. “Bookbinder.”

ABC's Radiotonic. “Living by the Book.”

Studio 360. “The Birds and the Beats.”

“Record of Birth.”


Q. How do you pronounce your last name?
A. As if it were an exclamation of disgust.

Q. Which radio shows should I listen to?
A. There are so many fantastic shows right now. Some of my favorites are WireTap, Radio Diaries, On the Media, Reply All, Snap Judgment, Love +Radio, and The Heart. Which radio shows should I listen to?

Q. I'll tweet you about that. Do you have any advice for young freelancers?
A. Yes. Keep moving, take deadlines seriously, take rejection not-so-seriously. Fill a notebook with idle thoughts, pitch them constantly, and be silly with your editors. And don't forget to hang out with your friends. If you write me, I'll do my best to say more.

Q. Are you that guy who writes books and columns about business?
A. Nope, sorry. That would be Daniel Gross.

Q. What kind of a name is “Gross”?
A. Aren't you a little old for jokes about people's names?

Q. I guess so. Will you write for my magazine or produce radio for my show?
A. I'll certainly think about it if you send me a note. Nice of you to ask.

Q. But really, what kind of a name is that?
A. (…)

Q. Your silence unsettles me. Who designed your website?
A. Cristoforo Magliozzi. He directs films, too. You should watch his latest.

Q. Can I write to you with questions, comments, and hate mail?
A. Please do. Email me or find me on Twitter @readwriteradio.