6 Alternative Platforms To Youtube With Which You Can Make Money Monetizing Videos

You can put your videos “on demand” and sell them on Vimeo.

It’s been a long time since being a youtuber is not a thing for geeks . It is synonymous with cyberstar, digital success… and money.

About a third of all Internet users in the world (about one billion people) use YouTube in more than 88 countries.

The video platform is growing by leaps and bounds. So much so that, according to Google statistics, their income increases by 50% from one year to the next.

That is why it has decided to introduce new rules for those who seek to profit through it.

“For millions of creators, making videos on YouTube is not just a creative outlet, but a source of income ,” explained Ariel Bardin, YouTube’s vice president of product, on the company’s blog.

“Today there are more video creators than ever. But we have started to see cases of abuse where some duplicate the original content of others for profit,” he said.

To solve it and avoid plagiarism, they decided that from April 6 channels with less than 10,000 visits will no longer be able to publish ads in their videos, a measure with which they hope to overcome the crisis of confidence of some of their advertisers and better control the content published by its partners.

  • Why big brands are removing their advertising from Google and YouTube

But if you are not convinced by these new rules or you are one of the content creators with few views, there are alternatives. These are some of them.


Vimeo is the “artistic cousin” of YouTube and has close to 300 million monthly users.

Vimeo has grown tremendously since its launch in 2004 and is arguably something of “YouTube’s artistic cousin” .

This platform for uploading and storing digital videos allows creatives to publish high-quality content and share it with its 280 million monthly users, according to its latest statistics (July 2016).

Since 2012, it allows its members to earn money in two ways:

  • “Tip j ar” : allows you to receive direct donations from PRO users (15% goes to Vimeo)
  • “Pay to v iew “: this option forces users to pay for your content

In 2013, the web introduced a new tool, ” Vimeo on demand “, for content creators to sell videos on the platform.


This video channel works more like a content aggregator in which users can watch and post videos of all kinds, up to an hour long, which are organized by categories.

It was YouTube’s first serious competition, although its specialization is semi-professional short films.

In this network, the most important thing is the community, since users have the possibility of communicating with each other directly.

On their website they explain that they have an option to “monetize videos” by adding advertisements to them. The more views, the more money.

Maker Studios

Its main audiences reside in Brazil, the United Kingdom and Australia, and it has 700 million unique views.

The idea behind this project was to create a network of creative talents with YouTubers themselves and offer them fixed advertising revenue on their channels, although it is not easy to become one of their partners, Jeff Koenig, a digital content developer, explains on Quora.


Although Flickr is best known as a photo platform, it also allows you to post videos. He calls them “long photos” and they can’t exceed 90 seconds a month.

To make money, you can sell your content to the platform, which is geared towards professional and amateur photographers. It is recommended to put a watermark before doing it and include tags to classify the images.


Viddler is an online video platform for sharing audiovisual content that was created by a team of developers.

It offers a free service for users and a paid service for companies, although you do not need to be registered to watch the videos.

It allows you to earn money by inserting advertising in the videos. This requires a PayPal account and an Amazon account.


Twitch TV allows you to earn money through subscribers and donations, as well as through sponsors , who pay to have their advertising in some of the videos.

As in other platforms, the company takes part of those advertising profits.

In order to monetize videos, you have to meet a series of requirements and publish content of high interest.…

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